T H E  B O R N H O L M   C H R I S T M A S L U N C H

(Only for the whole table)


1. serving
Christmas herring, parsley oil, sour cream, capers, egg & onion

Smoked salmon, pickled brown mushrooms, dill cream & crumble of rye bread

Addition: salted fried herring, mustard, beetroot & caramelized rye bread 40,-


 2. serving

Duck breast, red cabbage pureé & hazelnuts

Roast of pork, mustard, beetroot & chives

Addition: sausage, kale & crispy onions 40,-


3. serving
Bornholm & other Danish cheeses & rosehip compote


4. serving
Chocolate, cherries, crushed meringue & crispy cacao


Classic ”Ris a la mande”



3 serveringer 350,-       4 serveringer 395,-