A  L A  C A R T E





Smoked Baltic Sea cod, pickled radish, mussels & crispy bread 95,-

Chicken confit, caramelized cauliflower & black truffle 125,-

Poached brown crab, oxidized cucumber, cress sorbet & sorrel 135,-



Main courses

Stuffed plaice fillets, soufflé, parsley & variation of cabbage 195,-

Fried veal, beets, salted marrow & lavender 225,-

Lamb from Hammershus, the best from duck, potato & truffle glace 245,-




Bread porridge on Svaneke beer, vanilla ice cream & warm caramel 110,-

Chocolate, chocolate & chocolate 110,-

Bornholm & other Danish cheeses, crispy rye bread & honey 120,-