A   L A   C A R T E




Salt baked selleri, Cep mushroom blanquette & truffel  120,-

Halibut, green rhubarb, kohlrabi & cream135,-

Salted salmon, smoked mussel emulsion, crispy cucumber & nasturtium 145,-



Langoustine, Royal Belgian Gold Caviar & lobster foam 245,-




Butter fried cod, savoy cabbage, brown butter & sauce blanquette 195,-

Poussin, baby carrots, pickled pearl onions & Beurre blanc 225,-

Duck breast, rehydrated beetroot, croquette with mustard seed & duck jus with heart & prunes 245,-



White chocolate, quince, lemon thyme & licorice 110,-

Valrhona chocolate, semi dried cherries, crispy cacao & cherry sorbet 110,-

Bornholm- & other Danish cheeses 110,-