A   S E L E C T I O N   O F   B O R N H O L M  ´S M Ø R R E B R Ø D`


Marinated herring with capers & organic cream

(Fried plaice instead of herring, 35,-)

Smoked salmon from Bornholm with truffle scrambled eggs & black winter truffle


Fried chicken salad with salt baked celeriac & bacon from the butcher at Hallegaard

Roast beef, fried egg & soft onions cooked in beer from Svaneke Brewery


Additional cheese or dessert 75,-


’S M Ø R R E B R Ø D’  &  A  L A  C A R T E


Marinated herring, onions, capers & sour cream 95,-

Salt fried herring, beetroot & mustard 95,-

Sol over Gudhjem – Smoked herring, egg yolk & radish 95,-

Boiled egg, shrimps, cress, lemon mayonnaise & toasted bread 145,-

Smoked Salmon, truffle scrambled eggs & black winter truffle 165,-

Crispy cod, beech brown, Tuscan kale & warm truffle mayo 155,-

Fried plaice, pickles & lemon 115,-

Tartlets with lobster in “poor man’s asparagus” 175,-

Roast beef, onions & fried egg 115,-

Steak tartare, buffalo tomato & Madagascar pepper 125,-

Fried chicken salad, salt baked celeriac & bacon 95,-

Koefoeds Steak Paris - bread, horseradish, egg yolk, capers & pickles 165,-

Avocado, Rossini caviar, egg yolk, brown crab & fried rye bread 175,-

Crispy pork belly, pickled cucumber & parsley blanquette 125,-


Bread porridge, Vanilla ice cream & warm caramel 95,-

Bornholm & other Danish cheeses, crispy rye bread & honey 95,-